2017 Mazda Rx7 Exterior, Specs and Price

Everyone is looking forward of 2017 Mazda RX7. Since the concept car that revealed in 2015, the car is redesigned to look more futuristic and aggressive while retaining advanced performance and functionality.

2017 Mazda RX7 part of the RX7 model has made this the most respectable and popular sports car in many media: such as film. New car is stopped in development phase, but automotive fans predict this car will be ready to be sold for next year. Mazda might not be popular brand in the sports car category, but will change everything RX-7.

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2017 Mazda Rx7 Outside

Our artist started by giving the RX-VISION a bigger roof. Although the concept is aggressive with its low roof line, function is unlikely to do so on the production car, as it will affect the head and shoulders accordingly. Fortunately, the concept does not seem to lose much of its sexy proportions with a larger roof, a less raked front windshield, a visible B pillar, and chrome rim window. Other modifications to the car’s profile include the production door handles, a slightly larger grille on the front fender, and new multi-spoke wheels.

At the front, we expect the RX-7 to win a revised grid and bumpers and a new pair of headlights. Although the overall shape and size of the Shoulderstand production grid remain similar, the most likely device will likely receive a chrome trim and visible horizontal strips on Mazda. Below, the side bumper air vents are a bit more in our rendering, while the separator and center section remained unchanged. The Shoulderstand headlights get the most changes, as thin concept units are far too exotic for a production vehicle. But even though the lower part will probably be based on the current Mazda headlight design, the upper band, LED curve could find its way onto the production car. Finally, we have completed the rendering production with a standard hood and a Mazda emblem on the nose, thus removing the one from the grid.

2017 Mazda Rx7 mazdas new turbo rotary engine reportedly coming in 2017

2017 Mazda Rx7 Inside

Unlike many concept cars, the RX-VISION has received a clean and simple interior could get into production today. However, Mazda will most likely change a few things here and there, such as the dashboard, door panels and center console. The latter is likely to receive the most revisions, as the RX-7 will receive a standard center stack with different buttons and buttons. An info-entertainment system and a great display shoulderstand therefore added, but it remains to be seen whether the screen is mounted above the dashboard as seen in many modern Mazda vehicles or incorporated into the central stack. So look for a multifunction steering wheel and a more complete group of instruments behind.

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Regarding the large quantities of leather and aluminum inserts seen in the concept go, expect them to be available on higher versions. Just like the MX-5, the RX-7 has to be a little more affordable than its competitors, which bedeutet, dass the entry-level model will feature fewer or no leather at all. Yet the cabin shoulderstand sporty look and are available in two combos -Tone on the basic version as well.

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2017 Mazda Rx7 Engine and Specifications

Being famous for its rotating engine of the new generation of RX is supposed to continue this tradition. However, information on what type of car engine will be used is quietly kept as a secret. What we know today is engine used will be Wankle which goes under the name SKYACTIV R.

The engine will become competitive with Cayman which belongs to Porsche. Judging by what we can expect in 2017 Mazda RX7 will produce 250 horsepower at least. Moreover, the new type of engine is supposed to become economical in terms of fuel consumption with less CO2 emissions.


Just like many people think about this car, there are several interesting things that are not wanted for this car All that is the price and therefore the release date. For the price itself, it is expected to be tagged around $ 35,000 prize when released

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