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The current Toyota Auris was unveiled a few years ago and now the Japanese manufacturer already intends to unveil the next version in the coming weeks. Of course, the new 2017 Toyota Auris is a mid-cycle update and there will be no big changes. However, we can expect the new Auris to slightly redesign the exterior and interior, with some small changes in available features and equipment. The official images of the 2015 Toyota Auris show that it will not get a whole new style, like Avensis and Yaris got, instead it will look a lot like its predecessor.

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Exterior Review For Auris 2017

The first chose what you will notice when you compare the new 2017 Toyota Auris with its predecessor is that the new model looks much bigger. According to the official specifications given by the manufacturer, the new model is 3 cm taller, however, the biggest advantage is the increase in legroom at the rear of the car. The new Auris looks bigger because of the different, more aggressive style. The exterior design of 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid would be that of a hatchback. The lines are very smooth and aerodynamic. In addition, the car would be produced with four doors and a trunk door, although there is a rumor that there would be a model with two doors. In order to stay in fashion, the manufacturer would also include the latest LED technology for the production of headlights and taillights, while the fog lights would be well incorporated into the front bumper.
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Interior Review Toyota Auris 2017

The interior of the 2017 Toyota Auris received only smaller, but significant changes. The biggest change is the dashboard, which has the same size and dimensions, while all the elements have been redesigned. The Japanese manufacturer wanted to make the dashboard more interesting and functional, because the one that was in the previous model did not get the positive reviews. 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid would have done so to have two rows of seats that have made the capacity of five passengers. Comfort would be guaranteed by plenty of space and by the use of good quality materials for upholstery and upholstery. In addition, the manufacturer also includes many parameters that are very modern and high-tech, such as satellite navigation and optional touchscreen. Now, in the 2015 Toyota Auris, the dashboard with fewer buttons and more is oriented towards the driver. The analog dials are identical, but they have been redesigned and are still displayed, used to display important information between the dials. The new Auris will come with two different screens – one is going to be smaller and it will be available in the basic version and cheaper levels, while the second and larger 4.2-inch touchscreen will be available in Hybrid version and more costly finish levels.

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2017 Auris Engine Specs

The 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid engine option is also a big mystery since the manufacturer has not revealed any data concerning this problem. However, there is some speculation that the manufacturer has chosen to incorporate a 1.6-liter engine under the hood of this car. As for the power of this car, it is expected that the power is about 135 horsepower. Given that we are talking about a hybrid, then it is normal that this engine option is also coupled with an electric motor that would have a plug-in. The manufacturer must also pay close attention to the fuel consumption of this car, and it is expected that combined fuel consumption would be about 30 mpg. In addition, it is also thought that this car is also a good rate of acceleration, ie 10 seconds would be quite sufficient to reach 60 mph. Based on the know-how, Toyota Auris Hybrid was worth the attention.

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2017 Auris Release Date

Toyota Auris Hybrid is still a kind of mystery car there was no official presentation of this car. In addition, there is no announcement from the manufacturer regarding the potential presentation, but it is expected that this car will reach the showrooms in the first quarter of 2016. In addition, there is no Release date data for sales of this model. However, on the sales of this car would start at the end of 2016 or the middle of 2017.

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