2017 Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza is a name that means speed and deserved this name is given on this car because this car has a tremendous pace with 1500 cc engine. In addition to having a strong pace, new Toyota Avanza also supported with elegant and aerodynamic design. The 2017 Toyota Avanza has an exterior that looks more luxurious compared to the previous generation.

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2017 Toyota Avanza Exterior

The exterior of the new 2017 Toyota Avanza will not present many changes from previous models, with slightly similar dimensions and lighter materials that should help improve maneuverability, fuel consumption and reduce overall weight Even further, without compromising the safety of the driver and other occupants. The new grid is going to be more stylish and accompanied by matching LED headlights for better visibility and overall impression, and that does not like things like new fog lights. The wheels will be 14 inches in diameter for the regular version, with optional 15-inch being optional. The overall style in the rear will be complemented by new taillights as well as a new back guard.

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2017 Toyota Avanza Interior

The interior of the 2017 Toyota Avanza is a black, brown or black, gray interior, depending on the variation, giving it an elegant appearance. Even with its big boot, more chest surface can be made by simply folding the 50:50 rear seats. Home entertainment comes via a 6.2-inch touchscreen system or a 2DIN music player, while cooling can be found in a dual aircon system. Safety is assured by airbags, ABS with electronic brake circulation, isofix and Toyota Automobile Security System.

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2017 Toyota Avanza Specs

The 2017 Toyota Avanza that has a size of 4.190 x 1.660 x 1.695 mm with a weight of 1.085 kg empty reach this objective and with a wheelbase of 2655 mm certainly reach could facilitate the driver during maneuvers on the road. In addition to this new Avanza car is provided in two types namely Grand New Avanza 1.3 L by a 1500 cc engine and also the Great New Avanza 1.5 L as well as 1500 cc engine. And with dual technology VVT-i to make cars All New Avanza is more economical in fuel consumption. The Car deployed in class MPV is capable of producing a maximum power of 95.5 PS at 6000 rpm engine speed. Although the torque produced by this engine is a number of 12.3 Nm at 4200 rpm.

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