2017 Toyota Corolla 86

2017 Toyota Corolla 86 _ The 2017 Toyota 86 becomes the new name for the Scion FR-S, hauled over when the Scion brand was discontinued. The name 86 is better suited to this small sports car, which has always held “86” symbology on its body and badging. That is, a car built partially as a tribute to the Corolla AE86 sports coupe from the mid-1980s. In reality, all that this new 86 has in common with its namesake is a rear wheel chassis.

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2017 Toyota 86 Exterior and Interior

During a Toyota sponsored press campaign, I was treated to Granlux-covered interior surfaces, a suede-like synthetic material and a very grippable steering wheel with a smaller diameter than previously. On the outside of the 2017 Toyota Corolla 86, a larger front grip makes the car more aggressive and the standard LED headlights give it a high-tech edge.

2017 Toyota 86 Engine

More importantly, Toyota tightened the suspension of the ’86s, giving it a more rigid rear anti-swing bar as an improvement. The 2017 Toyota Corolla 86 comes with either a six-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual, and those who choose the latter get a bonus, an extra five horsepower and five pound-feet of torque. As if you need more reason to choose the manual on the automatic in the 2017 Toyota 86.

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There are also mechanical updates. The models equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox get a boost, with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine making 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque compared to 200 horsepower and 151 pound-feet in the FR-S And 2017 86 with automatic six-speed. The extra power is not really noticeable. I thought the 2017 Toyota Corolla 86 could use more low-end torque but adding five to each of the power ratings does not move the needle enough to make a difference.

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2017 Toyota 86 Price

All about the 2017 Toyota Corolla 86 exude fun times. It’s just a blast of getting behind his wheel, sinking into the well-armed seats, and driving this little car around. He can not win checkered flags out of the box, but he will certainly not come last. And for the price you will have a hard time finding competitors with something similar to offer.

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