2017 Toyota Fortuner

It is known worldwide that Toyota Company makes the best SUV in the world. So in this way we will write about the new 2017 Toyota Fortuner, one of Toyota’s best SUVs. This one will be much better than the previous models. With better aerodynamics and better fuel economy, it will dominate the roads all over the world. Also, you will be able to find new and modern technologies.

2017 Toyota Fortuner 2017 toyota fortuner specs carsfeatured

2017 Toyota Fortuner Outside

Well, the short answer would be that not all that much. The Fortuner 2017 and the one delivered in 2015 are identical. The SUV features the new Toyota grid and the headlight design which gives it an advantage. The pillars B, C and D are hidden and the roof ends with a small spoiler for a sportier look. On top of that, it has nothing in common with the old model that was a little too bland. The new manages to attract its customers and offer a truly premium feel to it.

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Inside the New Fortuner

Although it is based on a truck, the Fortuner is a premium product. For this reason, it comes with a lot of features as standard. Things like the seven airbags, ABS and TCS system, a trailer swing control and even using the hill, a reverse camera and a smart key are all offered on the most basic version. The design has been greatly improved as well. While quality can not be compared to a true luxury car, the features and fit and finish of the interior, it seem like a more expensive SUV than it really is.

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2017 Toyota Fortuner 2017 toyota fortuner specs carsfeatured

2017 Toyota Fortuner Driving the train

The changes under the skin of the 2017 Toyota Fortuner will not stop at its racing equipment because what is generally under the hood should be updated as well. Depending on the market, the Fortuner comes with many engines. They range from 2.7 liters in 4 petrol engine to a larger 4-liter V6 and end up with three diesels, all means for completely different purposes. The new model is expected to keep these engines unchanged, but in Australia, for example, where the only option available is a 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel, some plan Toyota to introduce a new 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6. This engine is very similar to what Tacoma has in the US market. This should be quite fuel efficient for its size and it should be able to run on LPG, which means it could become a great seller for the fleets.

Release Date and Price

We still do not know the exact release date for the new Toyota Fortuner 2017. But there are rumors that the model will be released in 2017. The price will be between $ 45,000 and $ 55,000, depending on the level of finish.

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