2018 Audi TTs Coupe Design Features and Engine

From the beginning Audi TT was built on modest platforms shared with the VW Golf and others of the VW group. It was also impregnated with some serious design flourishes over three generations of production. And, because of all of the above, TT has also been saddled with a reputation for being all style and not enough stuff like yet another fashion model trying to launch an acting career.

2018 Audi TTs Coupe first drive 2018 audi tt rs coupe automobile magazine

2018 Audi TTs Coupe Exterior

Looking at the previous generation of Audi TTs Coupe  we can see that the exterior styling is more refined than ever before, but more aggressive at the same time. At the front, the car kept its hood smooth and not adult, but the four-ring badge now graces the tip of the hood as opposed to sitting inside the grid. Speaking of this, the grid has also changed dramatically. It now has a hexagonal shape, with honeycomb mesh.

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At the rear, we can see that the rear deck and the taillights have been redesigned. The end sides of the decklid now tilted inward, which means that the taillights now come at a sharper point at the base of the decklid. There is a body line that runs the width of the rear wing, and down, there is a new rear diffuser. The new diffuser is now all black, and the exhaust outlets in each corner seem to have moved a little inward. A small spoiler on the aft deck completes the aerodynamically improved exterior of the new TTs Coupe

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2018 Audi TTs Coupe first drive 2018 audi tt rs coupe automobile magazine

2018 Audi TTs Coupe Inside

It seems that Audi took as much time to redesign the interior as the exterior. To begin with, the  TTs Coupe comes standard with Audi’s all-digital virtual cockpit. The 12.3-inch screen is the instrument group and offers three different views, the most important being a special “RS” display that displays the tachometer and information on tire pressure, torque and g-force , Among others. For the record, this is the mode you want the instrument group to be able to power your local track on weekends.

On the entertainment side, the Audi TTs Coupe can be equipped with Audi’s MMI navigation technology, as well as infotainment system with MMI touch, Audi connect with Wi-Fi hotspot and natural voice control. With the built-in telephone box, cell phones can be charged inductively and paired with the on-board antenna. Applications selected from the phone can be viewed and displayed directly on the virtual cockpit screen, so with whom says, who needs a co-pilot? Of course, the entertainment system would not be complete without a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

2018 Audi TTs Coupe first drive 2018 audi tt rs coupe automobile magazine

2018 Audi TTs Coupe Engine

There is still a single-turbo 2.5-liter five-cylinder under the hood of the new TTs Coupe but it has been completely reorganized by the performance subsidiary of Audi Quattro GmbH. The five-banger now has an aluminum block and is lighter than its predecessor by 57 pounds. It is also more fuel efficient and makes much more power, as in 400 horsepower.

The five-cylinder delivers 354 lb-ft of torque on a tray that extends from 1700 to 5850 rpm. With its 1-2-4-5-3 order of shooting, it offers a distinctive five-cylinder sound that is undoubtedly Audi and goes back to the legacy of Audi’s five-cylinder engines, highlighted by the accomplished rally cars Of the 1980s. The performance promises to be impressive, with Audi claiming a zero-sprint at 62-mph by 3.7 seconds for the coupe-add 0.2 second for the roadster version, which will not come on the market United States

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