2018 Bmw 1 Series Changes and Performance

The new Mk3 BMW 1 Series will use a MINI platform for front wheels for increased efficiency when revealed at the end of 2018

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2018 Bmw 1 Series Design

Spy shots reveal a sportier look for the upcoming Hatchback 1. The hood does not appear as long as on the current model since the UKL platform has a transverse mount for the engines. And the roof is lower and the slopes more towards the back. The car also appears wider than the current model. This prototype is intended for a 5-door model. It is not clear whether BMW will once again offer a 3-door option.

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The new series 1 will use the UKL platform which is characterized by the BMW X1 and MINI range. Although this affects the way Series 1 fires, BMW is confident that more people will benefit from the functionality and efficiency offered by the new platform. A longer wheelbase and the absence of a motor shaft will provide more space for rear passengers and will also increase start-up capacity. The new series 1 should also be slightly larger and wider.

While big changes are taking place under the skin, the redesign of Series 1 will not be as revolutionary. The third-generation hatchback should appear more elegant than the current model; Softer body panels and thinner LED headlights that integrate with the kidney grid, such as those seen on the new 5 series, will be the obvious changes.

This is odd because the rear wheel’s arrangement drags into the interior space, making an already tight cabin even narrower, while the longitudinally mounted inline-6 ​​makes the front of the car longer. Which is not ideal for city cars.

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2018 Bmw 1 Series Engine

The engines for the rest of the Series 1 range will be adopted from the MINI and X1 queues. Entry-level cars, likely to be highlighted 116d, should be powered by an updated version of the BMW 1.5-liter diesel three-cylinder diesel, while a three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline unit should appear In the 118i. More powerful and powerful 2.0 liter four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will be found in the 120i and 120d respectively.

BMW will also be using the next Series 1 to launch a wider deployment of its iPerformance range. Joining the other five hybrid plug-in models from BMW will be an electrified 1 series using a tuned version of the powertrain found in MINI Countryman Cooper E. Composed of a 1.5-liter turbocharged electric motor and a small electric motor, A saving of more than 130 gg and CO2 emissions below 50 g / km are likely.

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2018 Bmw 1 Series Release Date

With such a disguise on the car, it is likely that the updated 2018 Bmw 1 Series will appear in the not too distant future, certainly before or at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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