2018 BMW M3 Review and Changes

Since it got a major upgrade in 2015, it seems that the BMW M3 series has become more flexible. However, the BMW M3 model of 2018 is likely to change all of this, with many improvements in style and engine department. Speed, agility and class will probably persist throughout the series, even if it definitely shows its age. Let’s see what the BMW has put on sale for the newest M3.

2018 Bmw M3 2018 bmw m3 revealed with discreet facelift

2018 Bmw M3 Design

2018 BMW M3 is technically the second version of facelift for the sport sedan after its initial upgrade in 2015 with a set of new taillights. As for its latest iteration, the only visible exterior changes come to the front with tweaked headlights and LED light bars connecting the lights to the kidney grid.

2018 Bmw M3 2018 bmw m3 gets second minor facelift with m4s headlights

2018 Bmw M3 Inside

As for the interior, however, the intelligence is even clearer. The old reflections of the chrome were a nice touch, but there will probably be a lot of fine leather for the padding. The interior will direct a luxurious ambience that can be enjoyed even if you are not a BMW fan, which is already unlikely.

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Of course, the M3 series has always clung to a wide variety of customization and customization options, but it is difficult to determine which features will be passed on to the 2018 model and which are not. The specifications for the entertainment and climate control system have not yet been disseminated, and so are the safety functions.

2018 Bmw M3 2018 bmw m3 revealed with discreet facelift

2018 Bmw M3 Engine

As was the case with the M4 LCI, there is no under-hatch upgrade, so the BMW M3 2018 will continue to have 431 horsepower (317 kW) from its 3.0-liter biturbo engine , Right-six. An optional competition package is the 450 hp (331 kW) output and will allow the sports sedan to reach 62 km / h (100 km / h) in just four seconds when equipped with the seven-speed transmission Double clutch gears.

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Release Date

The updated BMW M3 will arrive in the US in July as a 2018 model.

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