2018 Bmw M6 Gran Coupe Review and Specs

The latest BMW M6 Gran Coupe auto automobile of 2018 has actually been reported and is almost completely verified. The layout that is considered the height of the BMW production service as well as the pride and joy of the German automotive supplier is an upgrade. The preliminary M6 has been taken into consideration as a leader in its sector in addition to providing a great deal to the automotive world by including the sportiness and also the performance of a M badge and has really integrated it with The luxury and exclusivity of the M Series 6 from BMW.

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2018 Bmw M6 Gran Coupe Outside

The reduced weight of the new BMW M6 will make this car lighter than the previous model. There will be lightweight materials that build the body structure of this car. In addition, the materials have an important role to help improve the performance of the car. Possibility, it contains carbon fiber. By using the lighter materials, 2018 BMW M6 will have lower fuel consumption and high-speed performance as well as better stability. On the body will be completed with sharper lines, so this car is more daring, luxurious and aggressive look. The length will be longer than the previous one because this new M6 has longer wheels. Significantly, the new M6 will have new front and rear lights that have a new LED technology and renal grid. The front and rear lights will be smoother and thinner.

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New BMW M6 Grand Coupe Interior

Possibility, the manufacturer will offer lighter materials for the construction of the overall cabin inside. Based on the rumor, the features of the technology will be updated, so it seems modern. There will be new entertainment features to support the performance of the car. The superior quality of the material will cover all seats and the steering wheel to make you comfortable. 2018 BMW M6 is also supported with new safety features to protect all occupants while driving. The cabin has a spacious space, so this car has the convenience.

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2018 Bmw M6 Gran Coupe Engine

It is likely that the new BMW M6 2018 will come with the inline-six 3.0 engine capable of delivering 347 power sinks. It is also possible to use the 4.4 V8 capable of providing faster performance, up to 600 horsepower. Let’s wait to see more updates.

Release Date

It is still unknown when BMW plans to launch its new BMW M6 type 2018. Rumor says it should happen around 2017 in the last quarter. In case they want to prepare, the trip should be broadcast no later than the first quarter of 2018.

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