2018 Buick GNX Rumor and New Specs

2018 Buick Grand National will be one of the series of the car that is chased by many car enthusiasts. Prepared for the big comeback, this new series of automobiles will be full of surprises. 2018 Buick Grand National is the latest series of the car produced by General Motors which is one of the producers of luxury cars. General Motors has been one of the nation’s top auto producers alongside other car producers you’ve found on many luxury cars.

If you are a big fan of luxurious cars produced by high-end car manufacturers, you’ve probably experienced this manufacturer. General Motors has produced many series of cars since old age. After 20 years of hiatus since the last launch of its latest series of cars at the time, General Motors has delighted many car enthusiasts with the excitement of its big comeback. 2018 Buick Grand National has been prepared as a secret weapon to attract many luxury car fans.

2018 Buick GNX 2018 buick grand national outside redesignconcept changes

2018 Buick GNX Exterior and Interior

Simplicity will be one of the main axes of the new Buick Grand National exterior design. The exterior looks much simpler, but offers a wide range of interesting improvements. One of the changes that is quite remarkable is the front of the car with its new bumper design and grid. In all the design of the new car, it can be said that the new exterior integrates perfectly with the personality of the car.

The interior of the new 2018 Buick GNX is quite simple but offers a practical design. It gives the passenger and driver comfort and stylish design. The material used for the interior varies from the new leather material for the seat and also the interior. The infotainment system is also improved to make the interior characteristics of the car much easier to control

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2018 Buick GNX 2018 buick grand national youtube

2018 Buick GNX Engine

First engine: LTG four-cylinder 2.0-liter in-line engine with 250 horsepower. Second engine: 3.6-liter LFX V6 engine naturally aspirated with 300 horsepower. Third engine: 3.6 liter V6 Twin turbo LF4 with 400 horsepower and 400 pounds of torque couple and we think this version will have the greatest chance of being there. They have recently developed a six-speed automatic transmission, so we think it will definitely be integrated. We expect the rear wheel to be basic for the Grand National, but we can also expect that all of the drive wheels are available as an option.

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2018 Buick GNX Release Date and Price

The information on the price of the car and the date of release are not yet indicated. This means that the car can be broadcast faster than the year of the target which is 2018. However, as the release date is not yet known, we can hope that it will be released on schedule. The price, on the other hand, is another question that should be between $ 35,000 and $ 60,000.

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