2018 Chevy Bolt Review and Redesign

The 2018 Chevrolet Bolt is an exciting and highly anticipated electric vehicle that will run the Tesla Model 3 and the all-new Nissan Leaf. The Bolt is a four-door and battery-operated hatchback. It is marketed to be more important than the Chevy Spark EV.

According to Car and Driver, the new Chevy electric vehicle is a great addition to today’s compact electric cars. This is a more “affordable” option compared to the Tesla 3 model. While Nissan Leaf is priced lower, its current range is nowhere near the 200 mile range of the Bolt and Tesla.

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2018 Chevy Bolt Outside

The exterior of the vehicle is designed to be cooler. Generally, part of the car will certainly see you new headlights that are developing with LED lamps.2018 Chevy Bolt not only the modern front lights, but also the graded grid with new fog lights. To complete the look with the front car, the bumper is also larger. The rear part of the vehicle, the trunk window was smaller than the main window. The new equipment is used for the body with the vehicle so that these cars and truck have a lighter weight that will take advantage of these cars and trucks by balancing control and can also conserve even more gas.

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2018 Chevy Bolt Inside

Moving towards the interior of the vehicle, the cabin is generally more spacious. In addition, the floor is developed to be flat as well as incredibly thin, so it will definitely boost the convenience for the vehicle driver and guests. The seats will probably be covered with leather material and its ability to be folded flat. To complement the interior design, the roof is designed to have large windows at home. Some features are included in the new modern technologies; These are the touchscreen, the Bluetooth link, the Wi-Fi as well as the satellite navigation. In safety devices you can find a seat belt, a cruise control and also new air bags. The new models inside this Chevy 2018 Bowl are designed to increase comfort and benefits for motorists and guests.

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2018 Chevy Bolt Engine

There is no exact information about the machine to be used in 2018 Chevy Bolt. However, depending on the rumors, the engine will be available under the hood capable of delivering output of 300 pounds of torque and 150 horsepower. This machine will operate with a direct drive gearbox and combined with an electric motor. Using this machine, the new Bolt is capable of achieving significant acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds. In addition, filling was very fast and efficient. Compared with the previous model, the new engine of the new Bolt will be larger. 2018 Bolt also supported with fuel consumption which is better to be more efficient on the road.

Price and Launch Date

According to automotive professionals, the 2018 Chevy Bolt should be released in mid-2017 for sale in 2018. In accordance with Chevrolet, the automobile will retail at approximately $ 37,000, which represents an amount Modest compared to what is charged by Other providers establish electric cars for the version at the same time. For those who want a customized creation, the rate could be higher

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