2018 Chevy Cruze Facelift Design Reviews

The all-new 2018 Chevy Cruze was released not so long ago with a much better overall design than before. It is more efficient, faster, better to drive, it looks much better and it is bigger too. However, those who love the car do not really have much choice in terms of engines. It seems that GM could have something about it. Not so long ago that rumors about a Chevrolet Cruze crossing in 2018 were highlighted and it would be very logical for them to come out of such a car. It would be directly aimed at the Subaru WRX, the Focus ST and the likes and this would give GM a hot-hatch or a sedan.

2018 Chevy Cruze changes revew with new feature


The 2018 Chevy Cruze now offers a 1.6-liter I-4 turbodiesel that arrived in the 2017 model year mid-size sedan. An eye catching Redline package will also be offered. Beyond these updates, the Cruze 2018 could offer new exterior colors or HID or LED headlights on a higher level of finish. Do not expect the Cruze to receive a major refresh at any time, as it has been recently redesigned, we will update this space as soon as we have official information.

GM confirmed that the 2018 Chevy Cruze would get the same 1.6-liter, four-cylinder turbodiesel in the 2018 Equinox, which in this CUV produces 136 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque and is already federalized for sale at United States. GM did not confirm the exact output of the Cruze version of this engine. Automotive News also reports that it could reach up to 50 miles per gallon on the highway on the US test cycle, depending on how its Opel counterpart does on the European test cycle. We learned from a GM engineer that the use of urea injection once again would meet emission standards.

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2018 Chevy Cruze facelift design picture

The EPA evaluated the sedan at 37 mpg in general based on the city’s 30 mpg and 52 mpg highway when equipped with manual transmission. The automatic has the same overall rating, but is based on a city of 31 mpg and 47 mpg. At present, we expect the tailgate to display similar numbers.

The official price has not yet been published. However, we know that the 2018 Chevrolet Cruz Diesel will start at $ 25,545 with the destination when it goes on sale as a 2017 model. We think it is reasonable to expect a small premium for The hatchback striking nearly $ 26,000.

For reference, the 2017 gasoline-powered cruise is $ 17,850 with a destination up to $ 24,350 for the Premier Premier model. The gasoline hatchback commands a premium on the sedan ranging from $ 470 to $ 1,090 depending on the level of finish.

2018 Chevy Cruze side view with more aerodynamic body line

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