2018 Citroen DS5 Concept Design

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2018 Citroen DS5 Refresh

“The 2018 Citroen DS5 is a unique, expressive design, hypnotic in design, and for the new DS5 we wanted to maintain the strengths that are a key element of our identity, while giving more importance to the DS5. DS stylistic, the most symbolic example is of course the front. “- Thierry Métroz, head of DS Styling.

The front styling is a key element on all high-end vehicles. With New 2018 Citroen DS5 face of the car gains even more character and prestige. The vertical grille proudly incorporates the signature “DS Ailes”, which extends two skylights in the new design of the headlights.

Like DS-3 and DS 3 Cabrio, New 2018 Citroen DS5 offers signature brand new light, with headlights combining LED and xenon technologies, as well as scroll indicators. Designed to look like jewelry in their settings, Avis These headlights are a key element of the front end of the car. Compliance with high standards of lighting quality, In addition, they illustrate the refinement and attention to detail of New DS. Launched on July 3 last DS, this design projector will eventually feature on all DS models.

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2018 Citroen DS5 Design

The new face goes hand in hand with the avant-garde style of the vehicle. Whether viewed from the front, side or rear, New 2018 Citroen DS5 is immediately recognizable. On the side, the main feature of style is the slim, chrome saber ranging from the tip of the spotlight to the front window. The rear view also emphasizes the condition of the car, with its wide tracks, striking the rear light signature and double-ended end caps integrated into the rear bumper.

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2018 Citroen DS5 Tech

“From the beginning, the DS5 Expressed a new take on the high-end segment, a vehicle that is different from the rest, the one that can not be placed in a category.To me it is a mixture of refinement and technology Two key words that make sense with the new 2018 Citroen DS5 Because updates are in the details of the car, which is often the case with premium brands! “- Eric Apode, Vice President, Products and Development Business.

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