2018 Dodge Dakota Concept and Specification

The Dodge Dakota is one of the most recent pickup trucks for 2018 generated by Chrysler Company. The first version of this superb means of transport was introduced in 1987 and continues to be established with contemporary techniques and techniques. The Dodge Dakota is a unique track for those who appreciate the mix of profits and power. The future Dodge Dakota for 2018 is likely to be the fourth generation design with a medium sized truck and attractive enough for powerful performance and superb redefinitions. For all Dodge fans who are wondering to have a detail on the next Dodge car, here are some essential points regarding the 2018 Dodge Dakota global specification.

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2018 Dodge Dakota Outside

The exterior of the new Dodge Dakota of 2018 will take the new turn. According to the information we can gather, this car will feature a new unibody platform that makes the car much better in terms of aerodynamic design and weight. The unibody platform itself will ensure that the car will have less weight than your regular car model this car, which means better overall performance. The current design of automotive aerodynamics and ergonomic design have made the car even more beautiful and stylish, which means on the aesthetic design that it will feel unique and very beautiful to look at. The new design will also make several changes and improvements range from refined headlight design and new grid design to provide better convenience for car design.

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2018 Dodge Dakota Inside

As the exterior offers many interesting features, the interior will also offer the same. Yes, we can expect many interesting things from inside the car, the usual and most common upgrades for the interior of the car that is space. The larger space is the product of a larger and larger unibody exterior design, and it will also feature several new interior improvements for the car. The car will feature a new cab design that features high quality materials to make the car comfortable. In addition, there will be new features ranging from high-end entertainment system such as an audio player. The all-new speed and safety control system is expanded and further enhanced to give passengers and drivers a better and more enjoyable experience.

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2018 Dodge Dakota 2018 dodge dakota pickup trx spy photo rumors redesign

2018 Dodge Dakota Engine and specifications

The engine is an essential equipment in any type of car. As for the engines and the performance of the Dodge Dakota 2018, the detailed information remains always closed. Nevertheless, it is recognized that the powertrain will have a V6 power of 3.7 liters. The amount of power produced will reach 210 HP. The engine of this high-end car is incorporated with an automated five-speed transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. This will make the Dodge Dakota 2018 easier to control and drive. At present, the creator of the vehicle is trying to take back a much more efficient vehicle at the price of 30 mpg. As a result, the Dodge Dakota 2018 will be much more enjoyable and satisfying than the current model.

Release Date and Price

There is no news about the possible release date of the 2018 Dodge Dakota. We’re crossing our fingers hoping to see it before 2018. The base plate will probably cost about $ 25,000.

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