2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo Review

Automakers never cease to amaze; Just when you thought you saw it all, they are proposing even more crazy innovations. This is especially true for the master of the track race, Ferrari. The current Ferrari FXX-K is an extreme car and it’s hard to see it becoming more extreme, but trust Ferrari to find ways to make it even better. The automaker has revealed a more hardcore iteration of the raw track dubbed 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo (Evoluzione). Ferrari has developed an evolution package for the model that makes it even more extreme. The package will be available for current FXX K models but will also be integrated into new FXX-K models that will be developed in limited numbers. The new models will go by the designation FXX-K Evo. Ferrari unveiled the model at this year’s Finali Mondiali held at the Mugello circuit in Italy. Finali Mondiali is a Ferrari event marking the end of the track racing season.

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Here, the aerodynamic improvements greatly alter the appearance of the 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo, starting with a more threatening front end. The geometry of the sides of the front bumper was modified by digging the surfaces under the headlights, as well as by adding a few flicks divided by a vertical wind vane. There is also an additional contribution to the front wheels. All of these elements contribute to a 10% increase in support compared to the FXX-K standard. Soil effects have also been stimulated by new vortex generators in the basement. More significant changes are visible at the back. The main highlight is obviously the fixed rear wing. While the FXX-K has these strange horizontal elements glued to the side wings, the Evo badge has brought a good wing to the supercar. But this is by no means a regular wing. The element has a double profile design and a large central drift similar to that seen on the prototypes of Le Mans cars. The center drift acts as a vertical fin, enhancing stability at low yaw angles, but it also supports the three triangular vortex generators. These clean the flow field striking the wing effects of hot air from the radiators escaping on the bonnet. In addition, they create a downwash component in the stream that increases the wings’ support capacity, resulting in a 10% increase over the usual FXX-K. The wing also works in conjunction with the active spoiler, which has had its control logic and motion range examined and reprogrammed for optimized results. Below the wing, we can see a revised central fascia that includes one instead of two vertical slats above the diffuser. In addition to the huge side vents, Ferrari has also redesigned the diffuser, adding wings on either side and red accents on the main elements.

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Ferrari has not yet released any images from within this script, but it’s safe to assume that the changes from the FXX-K standard are slim. The Italians actually mention a new steering wheel that “fits perfectly with the extremely powerful performance levels that can be achieved with the FXX-K Evo”. It has a Formula 1 design with integrated shift paddles and sports the KERS Manettino for better ergonomics. The rear camera display to the right of the driver has been replaced by a larger 6.5-inch unit that also displays data from a new telemetry system. The new screen includes clearer, more direct performance settings and information on the condition of the car. Apart from that, look for the usual 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo specifications, which results in a rather spartan configuration compared to LaFerrari. Italians abandoned all the luxury and convenience features of the road car and replaced them with lightweight, race-specific components. Highlights include a new center console and carbon fiber inserts instead of soft-touch surfaces on the dashboard. The door panels are also carbon fiber panels, as on any high performance car. The seats have massive side reinforcements, a carbon structure and racing harnesses. The instrument cluster is also different from LaFerrari’s, with new graphics and display options, allowing the driver to monitor critical car data on the track.

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It produces 1,036 hp, and more than 664 lb ft of torque from a 6.3-liter V12 and an electric motor. The V12 alone pumps a little less than 850 hp and 553lb ft of torque, while the engine adds 187 hp. Add all this together and you get a lot not afraid to keep you awake at night in a cold sweat. (And yes, it’s exactly the same as the FXX K. Adjust it – you really do not need more power.)

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Talking about price for limited edition supercar like these is mostly speculating that automakers rarely advertise an official sticker. Just look at the FXX K standard. It was revealed in 2015 and there is no official price tag to talk about, although the word says that every owner has paid at least $ 3 million to get it a. Well, not as much as buying but borrowing, because the 40 units remained at Ferrari for storage and maintenance, and the pilots only got them for specific events.

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