2018 Ford Everest Design Features, Specs and Price

With this SUV seated seven times assured, trainable and impressive, both types of users – SUV enthusiasts and parents will be satisfied. Although its price may be somewhat higher from other similar models, it will not prevent traditional Ford drivers from buying this Ford Everest 2018. For the Americans, this Ford model was not available Until now – it could only be bought in countries outside America such as Asia-Pacific, China, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and India. This will change with this model, according to learned knowledge, so, starting with this car, Americans can buy the Ford SUV in America as well.

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2018 Ford Everest Outside

Portage says the exterior appearance of 2018 Ford Everest is his biggest favorable position. It is powerful but adorable and beautiful car, because of the wide tires and great freedom on the ground on one side and the front resembles a non-slip plate on the other. The chrome grille and accents like a late reflection with a sliding map outline include its rotating aspect of another huge size level. Yet, in case you look at that self on the side, it is more sculptural and adjusted.

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The basic model of 2018 Ford Everest has a travel control with speed limiter, increases stop sensors. In addition, remote keyless entry, single-zone ventilation, the 17-inch haggling said seven seats. Slant has demonstrated a little more, automatic control of high pillars, heated impact mirrors, rain-sensing wipers and a versatile travel engine, while titanium has been advanced by HID spotlights, daytime running lights LED, controlled all-encompassing sunroof, eight-way fuel seats, calf skin position trim, dynamic dynamic parallel stop assist and combined 20-inch wheels.

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2018 Ford Everest Inside

For SUV auto, it is normal that the 2018 Everest has plenty of room for legs and upper passengers with plenty of air due to a roof mounted for a double balance. Indeed, even three more and more adults can stay there with an opinion that the center of the traveler must set foot on the highest point of the transmission burrow.

Propelling the second line can give a wider space to people in the third column and they will feel good even though they may need knees due to another roof-mounted air opening that gives the Feeling a wider space for travelers behind the lodge.

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2018 Ford Everest Engine

There are three engines and two transmission choices available for this 2018 Ford Everest, such as a 2.0-liter, 2.2-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost 2.0-liter technology and a 3.2-liter diesel cylinder. In Australia, the basic model includes a 3.2-liter five-cylinder engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. For other countries, it is equipped with a 2.2-liter two-wheel drive diesel.


Some experts have stated that Ford Everest 2018 will cost a lot more than the previous model, especially in America where all customs and shipping costs will be more expensive. If the rumors are true, the price will start with $ 45,000 for the basic model with standard options and no advertising. Everest Trend will cost $ 60,990 and the price of Everest Titanium will be incredible $ 76,990.

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