2018 Ford Excursion Concept and New Body Line

Very little information is known about the 2018 Ford Excursion, although, as with most vehicles that are far away, speculation is absolutely prevalent about what we will see and what to expect. It must be said that Ford did not confirm anything about the new model, so we had to rely on reliable sources and knowledge of the industry to bring you this article; Most of these things are what we think we will get from the new Excursion.

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2018 Ford Excursion Exterior

Although many of the 2018 Ford Excursion is still not clear and the only evidence offered is the published photos and spy images of the car. This actually shows us a model looking for some improvements compared to last time. The car will look similar to the front, but will be a completely different car. In fact, the exterior of the model will likely be based on some of the current models from the Ford range.

What is interesting and very remarkable is that the car will borrow some elements of the model F-150. The car will borrow parts of Ford’s flagship model design and it seems obvious that they could do it. The excursion and the F-150 have a rectangular shape and the similarities are mainly observed in the grid and the front part of the fascia.

Other items are considered borrowed from the Expedition car, which is the current SUV of Ford and one of the most powerful and performing options that Ford offers. The combination of the two will give us a great new look for the tour that will see it updated according to contemporary standards and will also provide better elements. One of the most important pieces is that the car will have the same size as before. The dimensions are completely transferred for the latest tour car and will be fully available for the car.

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2018 Ford Excursion Interior

The interior of the 2018 Ford Excursion will offer us a standard level of luxury and plenty of space. At least that’s the part we know. The elements inside are still running and there are almost no photos to show how the interior will be seen. What we are certain is that the model will transfer elements of contemporary Ford cars. Of course, here is where the Expedition model comes in. By borrowing the lines and design of the expedition, you will save production costs between these two models. At the same time, it will allow a better and more rational production.

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The spacing will be huge and the car will have a lot of comfort to allow passengers. This is one of the benefits that the car provides and is one of the most important things about it. They plan to keep that part of the car in the same way and the utility level will increase this way. Expect to get a standard set of materials but an expanded technical offer that will make the car much more appropriate compared to before.

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Under the hood, we believe that Ford will provide two alternatives for the engine, a three, five (maybe three, six liter) (365 bhp) v6 or a 5.Zero v8 (this will require at least 400,000 km / h). We suspect that it will likely be a known rear wheel pressure, with a full four-wheel full optional, possibly a 7-speed automotive transmission will process the gears.

Release Date and Price

This means that we will wait some time before they publish a model for sale, we are pretty sure you will not see an excursion before the end of 2017. We believe that prices will start in the region of $ 46,000 ; Add some extras or choose a higher cut and this price will be closer to $ 56,000.

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