2018 Ford GT Refresh Design, Speed and Photos

After intense speculation based on the features found in the Ford GT owner’s manual, FoMoCo unveiled a light version of its new supercar. Called the Competition Series, it shaves the weight by dropping luxury items to move the center of gravity closer to the track for better handling and maximizing production.

Unveiled at the Daytona race track, the site of the GT victory at Rolex 24 Hours in January 2017, the supercar has adopted some new and innovative features, as well as additional standard features and carbon fiber components.

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2018 Ford GT Design

If you look at the competition series and you just see a regular New Ford GT, this is because the light version is not very different styling-wise. While the lightweight, inspired Perspex running acrylic hatch engine cover with manual locking and prop rod carbon fiber reduces weight near the roof and changes the balance of the lower weight in the car, the element does not change l Appearance of the car. The same goes for the gorilla glass behind the driver, which is about half as thick and lighter than on the standard GT. The series competition also comes with carbon fiber wheels and titanium lug nuts and exhaust, but this is far from new. Available as an option on the GT, they are delivered as standard on the lighter version of the car.

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Inside, the light car retains the same GT standard driver-centered elements, including the F1 style steering wheel with key functional controls, and ebony Alcantara suede on the seats, instrument panel and roof. There are also exposed carbon fibers on the console and door sills, while the red anodized shift paddles and the dashboard badge add a touch of color to the cab.

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The Ford GT will get a brand new ‘Digital Instrument Display’ featuring unique, installation-dependent configurations – and the company has confirmed that the technology will come to other Ford vehicles in the future.

Replacing the instrument cluster, the 10-inch configuration is not too different from the Audi Virtual Cockpit technology. It has configurable configurations based on the five driving modes of the GT, each adapted to provide the most relevant information according to the mode selected by the driver.

In normal mode, the Digital Instrument Panel allows you to get a weight equal to most of the information in a single theme, while the wet mode puts a blue tint on the instruments, with wet graphics.

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2018 Ford GT Engine

The 3.5-liter double-turbo V6 producing 638bhp less power than two of its biggest rivals, the Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 675LT. However, GT clocks in a 216mph top speed, making it the fastest Ford production ever made.

With a maximum torque of 746Nm at 5,900 rpm, plus active aerodynamics and a dry weight of 1,385kg, Ford claims that the GT’s extended track test regime means it’s a faster car on the track than Its main rivals as well. The GT puts in a time of 2: 09.8 – about a second faster than the McLaren. While the official 0-62mph car time still remains wrapped in mystery, Ford at least revealed that the GT will make 14mpg (about 17mpg in the UK figures), as assessed on the fuel economy scales of the car, EPA of America.

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