2018 GTO Judge Facelift and Design Features

Some people say that the only reason they stopped doing the GTO is because they thought it could not reach the Camaro and its success, but there are also rumors about the Pontiac GTO 2018 , And we are here to address them.

Of course, these rumors have been circulating for some time, reaching their peak three years ago. The probability of a new Pontiac GTO was low, given that the Pontiac brand had been interrupted at the time, but now we may be considering a revival of a real muscle car in a few years.

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2018 GTO Judge Design

2018 Pontiac GTO Judge has its power distribution system and a redesigned hood. In addition, it is a pair of new air ports installed on the HID projectors, etc., under the brand grid. It offers new rear rear doors, superbly designed rear wings with new pairs of exhaust pipes that protrude. The next generation Pontiac GTO was equipped with a 20-inch rim alloy that keeps the vehicle that was absolutely balanced to keep the stability. Fog lights and a smaller grid are provided at the rear in the lower part with rear spokes. The new generation Pontiac GTO has been equipped with a wide variety of modern high-tech equipment, the newly installed touch screen display, including an infotainment system upgrade, GPS navigation, Multifunction steering, gauges, etc. Very similar to its predecessors; Yet no compromise was made on behalf of the interior. It is a leather interior made from high quality high quality materials. Other features include the automatic seat heating mechanism, temperature control mechanism, interior leather, etc.

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2018 GTO Judge 2018 pontiac gto judge concept specs price release date cars

2018 GTO Judge Performance

GM seems to want to focus on an engine that could defeat all its competitors. The wrapped design may have many engine options, but it is likely to have only one engine. Many people expect it has a new 4.8-liter double turbo V8. If so, after that, this engine could result in 500 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, offering a similar rate or perhaps better than many sporting sports vehicles in Europe.

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2018 GTO Judge 2018 pontiac gto judge concept specs price release date cars

2018 GTO Judge Release Date and Price

2018 Pontiac GTO is supposed to be printed in 2018 at the end of 2017. Nevertheless, a company executive has not yet officially declared the final release date. Its cost of the basic version is estimated between $ 28,000 – $ 32,000. But above the cut can also feature luxury accessories and modern gadgets that can increase the budget by $ 50,000- $ 60,000.

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