2018 Kia Telluride Review and Engine Specs

The Kia Telluride concept will soon see the launch of its new version, with the Kia Telluride 2018 in preparation. This will be a large luxury SUV that should compete closely with other automobiles in such a demanding and lucrative market.

Some modifications involving new technological features will be installed in the model, which makes it more impressive and more attractive to the eye. However, it will have a chassis similar to Kia Sorento with some modifications for an appropriate fit.

2018 Kia Telluride kia telluride hybrid 2018 suv drive

2018 Kia Telluride Outside

As far as the exterior of 2018 Kia Telluride Concept, there are some easy to catch features that give the impression of a luxury SUV. Even if there are no extreme body lines and expensive features, this model is still powerful and a little daring. Several LED lighting elements and enormous 22-inch wheels. The doors also open in the opposite direction. This model is available in Dark Pyrite Green.

2018 Kia Telluride kia reveals telluride fullsize suv concept in detroit

2018 Kia Telluride Inside

2018 Kia Telluride Concept looks into the future with respect to interior features and the use of technology. Kia has definitely put a lot of technological advances inside this model, which makes it happen a lot of things at the same time. One of the biggest components presented was intelligent sensors that measured all the vital functions of health and passenger information. This information would be connected to the LED lighting of the roof that would improve the energy level. It also comes with a 7 speaker system that is controlled from the second row of seats. It also offers interactive options for the media. Tip, this SUV comes with leading seats, a spacious interior with possible third row seats that are folded.

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2018 Kia Telluride 2018 kia telluride price engine design

2018 Kia Telluride Powertrain

The biggest surprise is that the Kurai Telluride 2018 is a hybrid. Kia is not a preferred choice when it comes to hybrids. There are not many hybrid cars in the range. The Kia Optima is definitely the best Kia Hybrid offer, but Niro also delivers the products. With this concept, Kia has announced a major change in its strategy and it is a sign that the South Korean automaker will follow the trends in the market more than before. As far as we are concerned, it was time for Kia to rethink the strategy. Otherwise, it will continue to lose its market share.

This concept is equipped with a 3.5-liter gasoline-powered six-cylinder with direct injection that can deliver only 270 horsepower. In combination with an electric motor, which adds 130 horsepower, the total horsepower is 400 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Apparently, the fuel economy is 30 mpg, but these are just the allegations of Kia. No one had the chance to test the vehicle except for its employees. If that’s true, it’s a big step forward for Kia. There is no information about the transmission system, while the drive mode is AWD.

2018 Kia Telluride kia telluride hybrid 2018 suv drive

Release Date and Price

The latest rumors suggest that Kia may launch the Telluride SUV and may come on the market by the end of 2017 or early 2018. However, if Telluride production is approved, it will be positioned above the SUV of Sorento and it means prices of about $ 40,000.

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