2018 Lincoln MKX Redesign and New Images

One of the most interesting crossing vehicles, which will soon cross our roads, is the Lincoln MKX of 2018. It is a luxury SUV designed primarily for the US market but is also presented and worldwide. It is like all SUV crossovers mainly of interest to young drivers but judging by this brand will be a clientele that can separate a larger amount from your minor car. The fact that it turns out that this car will not disappoint. They will definitely have a lot to show.

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2018 Lincoln MKX Design

2018 Lincoln MKX uses any chassis and shares a similar platform with other Ford cars. From the outside, the design looks aerodynamic with a bold outline. The SUV tends to be less curved, but the crossover has more sides of the curve at the front and rear.

The LED lamps are installed for the projector or the rear lamp. It improves visibility to support the driver during a long journey or in a severe road condition. Lincoln MKX has a technology called Adaptive Headlight. This technology automatically controls the projector to match the surrounding conditions.

The luxury car is a more comfortable seat to enjoy driving. This car installs many sophisticated technologies to provide an enjoyable experience. The car has a touch screen to give plenty of information and application needed. The driver can monitor every part of this car to know the recent status.

At the roof of the car, the panorama panoramic roof is installed to give a clear view to the outside. You can open it easily via the control panel and close again when this happens. Cargo behind the second seat is large enough to store your belongings. The hatchback is a handless mode to help when your hand is full of things and you want to put the trunk inside.

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2018 Lincoln MKX Engine

Only one, but a very powerful engine will be available for the new Lincoln MKX from 2018. It will be a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 unit capable of delivering this magnificent crossover with 335 horsepower and a maximum of 380 lb / ft. One interesting thing about this engine unit is that it can be found under the hood of the current F-150 version which is certainly one of the strongest trucks on the market. The 6-speed automatic transmission system will be coupled to this engine and we expect it to consume fuel at a combined 24 mpg (city / highway). The all wheel drive mode will be definitely basic to make the new MKX more capable than on all terrain.

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2018 Lincoln MKX Price and Release Date

We know that the new Lincoln MKX from 2018 will be more expensive than its predecessor and we hope to see its starting price a little more than $ 42,000 and we expect to see it arrive on the streets before the beginning of 2018.

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