2018 Nissan Gt R Coupe Concept and Spy Shot

The Nissan GT-R has already shaken expectations that advanced driving systems could allow a sports car to specially make for about $ 80,000. Now that “Godzilla” costs more than $ 100,000, while it is still an absurd performance car, fans are looking to the next generation to set new performance criteria for a car that costs a lot less than its competitors.

Nissan has confirmed that the redesigned Nissan GT-R will use a hybrid configuration, and now Autobild reports a system similar to the GT-R LM NISMO will appear at about 700 horsepower in the road car.

2018 Nissan Gt R Coupe 2018 nissan gtr nismo concept specs

2018 Nissan Gt R Coupe Design

What can we say about the exterior design of the new Nissan GTR? Almost everyone knows how this model looks. The future will receive some modifications from the outside and its appearance will be even prettier compared to the previous model. This model will have such a distinctive design, and all people will certainly be delighted with its appearance. An important change is the chassis of this model. A lot of aluminum and carbon fibers can be expected in the chassis construction, and as a result, the total weight will be reduced by nearly 550 pounds. This also means that we can expect better performance compared to the current GTR model.

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This model will also have two seats less than before, and this is an additional reason for reduced weight. With so many lines and sharp edges, this model will offer a very dynamic and amazing appearance. The grid will be lowered and wider. The headlights are quite amazing, and the LED system will power it. In addition, their design is simple, just a long line that extends deep into the hood.

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2018 Nissan Gt R Coupe 2018 nissan gt r the new generation of nissan gt r

2018 Nissan Gt R Coupe Inside

The exterior design of the Nissan GTR 2018 is luxurious, but the interior design is probably even more luxurious than the exterior. The seats of this model are covered with premium leather, and we can expect a change of steering wheel. Instead of the full circle flywheel, this model will have a flat bottom. In addition, some rumors suggest that we can expect a shift on the steering wheel, but this information is not yet confirmed. This model will likely use the infotainment system with some modifications from the previous model. However, we can expect automatic air conditioning, as well as many security and connectivity systems.

2018 Nissan Gt R Coupe nissan39s next gt r details emerge

2018 Nissan Gt R Coupe Engine

The racing vehicle uses a Twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine coupled with an electric motor and a five-speed sequential transmission with a carbon clutch and pneumatic vane pallets get 1,200 horsepower on the ground. We could anticipate almost exactly the same system in the 2018 Nissan GT-R, advised against generating yet a monstrous power, but not Veyron.

The Nissan GT-R 2018 will retain the all-wheel drive format, despite rumors that a medium-powered button has been engineered. It appears that followers want a mid-engine match between the Corvette and also GT-R, but it seems that this is still going on for years.

Publication Date and MSRP

The release date of the next Nissan GTR 2018 will be in the second half of next year. This information is confirmed by the Company. As for prices, we can expect to start MSRP of about $ 105,000.

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