2018 Opel Monza Concept and Design

The company Opel started in 1862. And after the time, Opel transformed the German automobile industry. In 1914, when First Earth War began, Opel Professional improves to generally be the largest German automotive company. These days, Opel is likely to introduce a gorgeous new concept, the new 2018 Opel Monza. He comes back from the lifeless people to position the enormous huge at the game.

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2018 Opel Monza Design

The Monza is designed to begin Opel’s new stylish language, and sports lines mean that we should see more elegant Opels in the future. At the front, the Monza displays a low and wide position with a simple single bar grid flanked by narrow headlights. A rising belt line gives the Monza a wedge shape, with a piece of glass extending from the pillar A to the back of the car without any pillars B or C. The glass roof and long windows narrow backwards in a swoopy, a well-shaped hatchback with wide taillights and sculpted rear hips.

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2018 Opel Monza inside

The interior of the car is a typical car concept with its LED projection dashboard, which, according to Opel, focuses on connectivity, the main focus for the brand. All the information is projected in 3-D on this unique surface thanks to 18 LED spotlights, and the entire system is controlled by voice commands and steering wheel controls. Opel has also developed a new concept for the connectivity of smartphones, called “world of connectivity”. ME disables many components of the smartphone and focuses on the driving experience, the United States opens up infotainment opportunities for passengers and ALL allows the car to connect to the outside For example by sharing a planned route in line. Opel says that this is an overview of future auto-car communication systems that will lead to enhanced safety on the road and possibly to autonomous driving.

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The Opel Monza concept that will be shown in Frankfurt features an electric powertrain with a natural gas range extender compressed in the form of the new 1.0-liter GM turbo. We would not be surprised if this mechanical transmission essentially prepares the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt powertrain, which, as we said earlier, should have a longer electric range and better fuel efficiency. However, Opel says that the modular design of Monza also allows increased flexibility in terms of different powertrains.

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