2018 Rolls Royce Suv Debut and Performance

The enormous 2018 Rolls Royce SUV rivaling the Bentley Bentayga spied testing in the snow ahead of the anticipated exit in 2018. The Rolls Royce Cullinan was spotted testing again, providing another look at the huge Rolls off -roader to compete with the Bentley Bentayga

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Exterior of Rolls-Royce SUV

Although this is the very first Rolls-Royce SUV, I do not expect the company to develop a revolutionary design. And the spy shots confirm this, with the prototype carrying the same massive chrome grille, as well as a pair of thin headlights similar to those seen on the Ghost and Phantom sedans. On the other hand, the SUV seems to have a different configuration below the grid, where it highlights a larger bumper and mandatory skid plate.

The slightly raised bumper will have more belly protection and larger exhaust pipes. Expect the same clean design to distinguish the SUV’s profile below the waist. Naturally, the SUV will ride higher than any other Rolls-Royce vehicle and has 22 inches, otherwise larger wheels. An important change that will place the SUV apart from other RR models will be shorter wheelbase. The Phantom-based mule that has been spotted testing in Europe in early 2016 has a shorter wheelbase than the sedan.

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2018 Rolls Royce Suv Inside

There are no espionage plans to give us a good overview of the interior, it is safe to assume that the cab of the SUV will be the mirror of the next generation of Rolls-Royce Ghost. Expect to come draped in the finest leathers and Alcantara, with plenty of wood and aluminum veneers to decorate most of the dashboard and door panels. All these features will be highly customizable, with hundreds of colors and finishes available. The Bespoke division of Rolls-Royce will also allow buyers to configure their SUVs to unique specifications. In addition to offering the width of the leading segment, the cabin must also be very quiet and comfortable. Since many owners of Rolls-Royce spend most of their time in the back seat, the British will focus on transforming this area into a luxury salon.

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2018 Rolls Royce Suv Engine

Many things can change in this department before this SUV is put into production, but knowing Rolls-Royce, a V-12 powertrain is very likely. The British most likely go with the Ghost’s 6.6-liter bottle-grinder, which is expected to receive an extensive upgrade before, as well as the already familiar eight-speed, ZF automatic transmission. I expect the combo sends more than 600 horsepower and 600 pounds-feet of torque to the wheels, to make the SUV the second most powerful Rolls-Royce after the Wraith.


The Bentley could become the world’s most expensive SUV when it breaks later in 2015, but it will certainly lose this title as soon as the Rolls-Royce transporter becomes a reality. At about $ 200,000, the Bentayga will be a bit of a deal compared to $ 350,000 Rolls-Royce is likely to ask for its SUV. That figure is speculation, but I do not see Rolls-Royce putting it under the ghost sticker, which is set at about $ 250,000.

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