2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv Design Features and New Specs

As Subaru 2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv already names its plant in the US to create a new cross with 3 rows of seats and will be launched in 3 years from now. The Subaru said the new car that will be launched for the US market in 2018 will have a larger dimension than the Subaru Tribeca, with decent 3-row seats. It is also possible that the new vehicle is designed to accommodate 8 people.

2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv subaru39s viziv 7 concept previews 7 seat suv due to launch in

2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv Outside

We are going to see radical changes on the outer body. The length of the car will be increased and the car will be built on a completely new platform. The rear wheelbase will also be extended to take the third row. The front and rear bumpers will be modified and for this sporty look we will also see new completely new roof rails. As if that were not even enough; The tail and head light will be equipped with LED lighting for better visibility.

2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv subaru viziv 7 concept previews 3 row suv coming in 2018

2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv Inside

A glimpse of the cabin speaks of the volume; What we know for sure is that the new SUV 2018 Subaru Seven Seater will comfortably accommodate 7 people and, in light of this, a lot of work goes into building the interior. The cabin will be made spacious and comfortable too. The seats will be completely finished with real leather and for the necessary comfort, they will also be arranged in an ergonomic way. On the characteristics and technological side of things; Lots of goodies will be added for the satisfaction and convenience of travelers. For example, the new SUV 2018 Subaru Seven Seater will be equipped with a brand new infotainment system, as well as a navigation system.

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2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv subaru 7 seater best cars image galleries cars2017

2018 Subaru Seven Seater Suv Engine

This new SUV 2018 Subaru 7-seater is in its development phase, nowadays there is no detailed information. A 2.5-liter engine with 4 cylinders will be used, this engine has its rated power of 290 lb-ft of torque and 300 hp. It is actually an old engine variant that has already been used, but as it is a turbocharged engine. This engine could be used as standard engine in this new model. There is another engine option for this new model. This other engine option is a 3.6-liter V6 engine; This V6 engine will be capable of producing a 256 hp HP and a corresponding torque. There will certainly be other transmission options for this new SUV.

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Price and Release Date

Given the new Subaru 7 platform of 2018, it still remains a few months before we finally see it on our roads, the company has done nothing about the price and the official release date. According to our sources, however, the long-awaited Subaru Seven Seater SUV is expected to be available somewhere in mid-2017. As for price, buyers should expect to see the Subaru Seven Seater 2018 SUV sale approximately $ 36,000.

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