2018 Tesla Roadster Concept and Rumor

Tesla is an emerging automaker that perfectly meets its promise. The company has met the expectations of its Roadster; A performance-oriented car that does not need a fuel tank or a combustion engine because it runs all electric. Now, as part of the execution of the show, this model is intended to enter a new generation as Tesla Roadster of 2018.

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2018 Tesla Roadster Design

One of the most remarkable changes expected from the new Roadster will be its new architecture. Expect to adopt the third-generation Tesla platform that underlies model 3. Regarding the exterior styling of the car, the details are still insufficient. However, we expect the 2018 Tesla roadster to adopt a front fascia that is more in line with the flagship S-model. Of course, the Roadster will have a more athletic and much more aerodynamic shape. Expect to get a more aggressive nose as well as thinner headlights. In addition, the next generation will be significantly larger than the original model.

Larger dimensions will allow a cabin that offers much more passenger space than before. Being a Tesla, the new Roadster will surely enjoy impressive luxury and technology. So expect your cabin to offer brushed aluminum and polished zinc, as well as high-quality Nappa leather. Optional features probably include carbon fiber and several other interior colors. In terms of technology, expect the 2018 Tesla roadster to present the company’s recognizable giant touch screen mounted on the center console. The Tesla infotainment system will offer features such as smartphone integration, WiFi Internet connection, Bluetooth, etc.

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2018 Tesla Roadster Engine

Before the major overhaul with the 2020, the new Tesla 2018 Roadster will offer a power source of 85 kW. This is about 115 hp in American units. The latest model has a 70 kW engine, so it’s a big improvement for the 2018 season. Expect even harder for a new generation. Nevertheless, the offer of coupe can go up to 400 miles without recharging, and we are still waiting for the number of models to come. The systems will be very similar, and only increase in power, and probably mileage expects an improvement.

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2018 Tesla Roadster Price and Date of Release

As Tesla wants to be affordable, 2018 Tesla Roadster is suspected of easily going into pockets with a starting price of around $ 29,000. The company is even reported to schedule the official launch date by the first half of 2018.

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