2018 Toyota Mirai

2018 Toyota Mirai _ It is reported that 2018 Mirai will be bigger in each dimension compared to the current model. Mirai will also have electric batteries and fuel cells. It can also include new engine and safety features. An increase in weight is also reported in all dimensions. We can also expect a new platform for this vehicle due to the increase in size.

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2018 Toyota Mirai Exterior

The exterior of the 2018 Toyota Mirai has a highly recommended style and front design that focuses on the right and left grille as well as the oxygen absorption and flow in it. The rear in the Mirai is in a trapezoidal shape that is definitely pointed from your license plate spot to the corners of the wide bumper and near the wheels.

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2018 Toyota Mirai Interior

The interior of the 2018 Toyota Mirai is very spacious in any area, allowing maximum comfort for all 5 passengers and plenty of cargo space as well. The seats are covered in leather, but the dashboard is covered with black plastic. The interior of this model is equipped with an infotainment system, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and connection to smart phones as well. The touch screen centered on the console provides all this information, as well as the GPS system that locates petrol stations near hydrogen. Safety features in this car include blind spot monitor, pre-collision warning and track start assist.

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2018 Toyota Mirai Engine

The engine of the 2018 Toyota Mirai is a fuel cell with 153 horsepower that is put under the front seats. There is a lithium ion battery for extra power. Even the time needed to reach 60 mph only 9, 1 seconds, after the 30 mph you can feel that the engine has a lower power and that is up to 55 mph. After that, things are much better. Two tanks contain up to 5 kg of pressed hydrogen. It’s hard to say how to measure fuel economy because it’s completely different from the type of engine. Perhaps is the best explanation that this car has passed as same fuel level as most energy-efficient electric cars, which is BMW for the past year. Hydrogen is almost water, so you can put that car in the garage and forget it; There is no danger of gas poisoning.

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