2018 Toyota Nav1

The all-new Toyota Noah 2018, or better known as NAV1 in Indonesia, began to be marketed in Japan. The 2018 Toyota Nav1 comes with retaining boxy models with a few changes that make it cooler.

2018 Toyota Nav1 have the comfort and luxury that would spoil for car owners and passengers. Seen from the outside, Toyota NAV1 has an attractive design especially on the part of two sliding doors that look luxurious and also for the complete interior that gives comfort in addition to being a lot more extra features that will make the car look very beautiful.

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2018 Toyota Nav1 Exterior

The exterior design of the 2018 Toyota Nav1 lux look, gives the impression of luxury. With 2 sliding doors is good. Not a sliding door as usual but it’s a sliding automatic sliding door. Combined with a chrome grill and wrapped around some parts of the Toyota Nav1 specification make it more and more stylish on the streets. For lamps equipped with 4 integrated multireflector bulbs with a beautiful alloy grille in the middle.

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2018 Toyota Nav1 Interior

The interior of a 2018 Toyota Nav1 feels no less spacious and comfortable with its older brother. Using the concept of “Comfortable” interest will give full comfort to all passengers and the driver in the mid-end MPV car with a capacity of 7 passengers. More convenience to travel with Toyota this NAV1. The second row bench that can be rotated 360 degrees will give consumers the flexibility to make the seats available.

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2018 Toyota Nav1 Engine

2018 Toyota Nav1 still count 3ZR-FAE engine with 4-cylinder inline, 16-valve DOHC with the 2.0-liter Valvematic which has a fairly high compression combustion will produce a performance that is no less great with its older brother. Toyota NAV1 engines can give a maximum power of 158 hp at 6200 revolving machine with maximum torque from 196 Nm to 1956 Nm rpm.

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