2018 Volkswagen Microbus Review and Images

Volkswagen Microbus 2018 is ready to show its new model of microbus until the last 14 years. VW shows the microbus segment. This car will be built in Europe and become the competitor of Honda Adyddey, Nissan Quest and Toyota Sienna. The ultimate motivation for this new VW Microbus is to maximize investment in the “matrix” MQB platform.

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2018 Volkswagen Microbus Design

As we have already mentioned, the design will follow the original generation that was Type 1 or Volkswagen Beetle. It would not lose its original appearance as it is at the origin of its inspiring design with back-designed design. The car will likely use the concept that was introduced in 2001 and that it will get updates while the style indices are always identical to the original 2018 Volkswagen Microbus. Thus, Volkswagen will keep its boxy look, with the D pillar and a solid design. The short overhang is added for its front end and the short distance for the A pillar forward. As you can see in the picture, this van has a retro look.

Speaking of the possible design of the cabin, it is quite possible to propose a modern cargo design to deal with future competition in the market that will be stronger than ever. Before, the previous model can control the above rivals. For the European market, previous rivals are Renault Estafette and Ford Transit.

2018 Volkswagen Microbus electric volkswagen bus teased again will it be real this time

2018 Volkswagen Microbus Engine

As much as we understand that the first Volkswagen bus in 1935 was a rear engine drive system, but we believe there is a considerable likelihood for the company to end up doing this. It is only necessary that security control in Brazil be difficult. This indicates that they can use the front engine control system for 2018 Volkswagen Microbus. Other recordings have spoken of what it will probably be achieved with the new fully electronic design with an electric battery. It seems they can get the Audi R8 e-on and e-on Quattro concept.

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2018 Volkswagen Microbus Release Date and Price

2018 Volkswagen Microbus is important to come out soon and should be presented at the beginning of next year. We think it is difficult to estimate the price because the previous model was presented long enough and it is impossible that the cost is close to the predecessor.

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