2018 VW Cross Coupe Gte Refresh and Design Interior

Crossover SUVs have grown in popularity in recent recursions, as consumers enjoy their blend of versatility, space and maneuverability. Another segment that is popular with the car buying public are environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly hybrids. Volkswagen has tackled these two vehicle trends with the Cross Coupe GTE concept.

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2018 VW Cross Coupe GTE Exterior Design

As you can probably tell from the photos, the Cross Coupe GTE is not a coupe. Rather it is a beautiful and modern SUV, with LED race lights, tailor-made sheet metal and 22-inch wheels of exceptional size. The square back end reminds us of the current Passat, and there are even some Chevy Camaro out there too. As for the rear, it looks like a Porsche Macan chiseled as designed by a stylist who only had access to a straight ruler. These days it is fashionable to refer to something with four wheels and a mere suspicion of a sloping roof like cutting cut; This is obviously stupid, and the production version of the GTE will carry a longer rear end for optimal inner packaging. With 190.8 inches long, 79.9 inches wide and 68.3 inches tall, the GTE is still slightly larger than the VW two-row Touareg. However, thanks to its MQB bones and the transverse disposition of the engine, the GTE uses its similar dimensions better (the Touareg engine is located longitudinally). The 117.3-inch GTE wheelbase, which we are told is unchanged, is 3.4 inches longer than the Tuareg.

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2018 VW Cross Coupe Gte Inside

Internal controls based on EWG actions may take longer to reach consumers. The infotainment system, which is ostensibly cribed directly from the Golf R Touch concept of the Consumer Electronics Show this year, offers users the ability to slide into menus without really touching a control surface, whether it’s a screen or Of a button. It’s certainly cool but almost certainly is not ready for the options sheet. That said, the different screens of the system should see daylight, and we understand that the 10.1-inch dotted screen of the GTE displays the next-generation VW touch screen head unit. The 12.3-inch high-resolution digital gauge group, too, would be an excellent “wow” option in the three-row wireless crossover segment.

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2018 VW Cross Coupe GTE Drivetrain

With 2018 VW Cross Coupe GTE, you get incredible fuel economy without sacrificing performance. It uses a hybrid V6 plug-in transmission, with a 3.6 hp V66 FSI engine, two electric motors (54 and 114 hp) and all-wheel drive. The modular transverse matrix (MQB) architecture, Volkswagen can not only offer a vehicle with conventional gasoline and diesel engines but can produce them as plug-in hybrids, with natural gas powertrains and Zero exhaust gases, electric and fuel cell vehicles. This means that the Cross Coupe GTE, also, can be produced with each feasible powertrain.

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