2019 Honda Accord Coupe Redesign

Honda released the all-new Accord not long ago and so far the car has managed to win pretty well. However, the new model is not really perfect. There are some quirks with its handling features and the interior could have been better. While most of us thought Honda was not going to do anything, that’s not really the case. Not long ago, industry experts suggested that a new model will hit the market with the upcoming 2019 Honda Accord Coupe. It seems that the manufacturer will publish with this update a small set of revisions for the base model as well as at least a new trim level.

There is no doubt that the Accord is a beautiful car and thankfully, little will change with the 2019 Honda Accord  Coupe. While most versions of the car will remain the same, the Type R will a little more impressive. It will likely feature unique headlights, a new honeycomb grille, different wheels and a new range of available colors. Unlike the Civic, which has many ventilation slots, the Accord will probably have a slightly less top design. The bumper should always have a new set of inputs, but these should be functional this time around. At the rear, the car will probably receive a quad exhaust system, unlike the Civic which gets a central exhaust.

As expected, the 2019 Honda Accord  Coupe will be essentially identical to its predecessor, which is not a bad thing. The center console will continue to have this European look while the driving position will remain as good as before. The big change here will be the seats that should offer better lateral support on the new Type R, as well as more options to adjust them.

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While Honda is unlikely to include coupe and wagon variants from the factory, we still dream of the new duo paired with 2019 Honda Accord  Coupe 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. In its most powerful version, it produces 252 horsepower (187 kilowatts) and 273 pound-feet (370 Newton-meters) of torque.

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