2019 Mercedes-Amg A45 New Platform

Mercedes-AMG engine for the upcoming 2019 Mercedes-Amg A45, which has been dubbed “the Predator” by company insiders in recognition of its extravagance.

2019 Mercedes-Amg A45 Engine Picture

The prototype sports the brand’s Panamericana grille, while wearing a low position, wide wheels and large air intakes hidden under the camouflage on the front bumper. At the rear we can see a quad-exhaust installation, but the German automaker uses traditional round tips instead of exhaust finishers found on the current model.

No pictures of the interior of the 2019 Mercedes-Amg A45 have been broken, but previous Class A photos have revealed a more stylish central console than the features of the current car, with rounded vents and a reduction in the car’s configuration. infotainment with dual E-Class and S-Class screens

2019 Mercedes-Amg A45 Price Photo

AMG’s current compact range, consisting of the 2019 Mercedes-Amg A45 sedan, the CLA45 sedan and the GLA45 SUV, has a maximum power of 375 horsepower. The next 2019 Mercedes-Amg A45 will likely be rated higher to ensure cars have the advantage over their Audi Sport counterparts. Reminder, the latest RS 3 provides 400 hp. One of the performance targets is a 0-60 mph of less than 4.0 seconds. The maximum speed will probably remain capped at 155 mph.

The A45 to debut next year before visiting the dealers in late 2018. The CLA45 and GLA45 models should not be far behind.


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