2019 Volvo Polestar Performance Reviews

2019 Volvo Polestar is now spearheading Volvo Car Group’s technology, but will also benefit from engineering synergies and significant economies of scale. This car is a Grand Tourer Coupé four-door four-seater and only 500 cars to be built per year.

2019 Volvo Polestar Image

Volvo Polestar Redesign

Just like the new Volvo XC40, the car will benefit from a subscription service that offers all payments and expenses related to the car at one time per month. It’s based on Volvo’s measurable platform architecture (SPA), but about 50% new and custom made, made by Polestar engineers. The car is slightly shorter than the Volvo V90 and shares some form of Volvo sedan, but with a much more muscular and dominant front face and a new rear-shaped signature of C.

2019 Volvo Polestar  Exhaust Image

Engine Performances

Outside, 2019 Volvo Polestar is beautiful if a little under control, in traditional Volvo style. It certainly does not look like a sports car of 600 horsepower, though it may be by design. It seems that Polestar 1 is slightly bigger than a real sports car, despite its enormous strength. And that’s not just an impressive amount of power: Volvo Polestar says 1 738 lb-ft of torque, which is ridiculous unless you talk about a school bus.

Mechanically, Polestar is one of the fastest performing car cars but does not like it. Of course, it has a power of 600 horsepower, but mostly comes from three electric motors with the help of 2 liters. Ho BMW i8 from them! But the bit that excites us is more than 1 000 Nm. Volvo promises time from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, so RS5 will be fast.

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2019 Volvo Polestar Price Photo

Prices and Release Date

The tracking model will be called Polestar 2 and is estimated to cost around € 40,000 or about $ 50,000 based on the current exchange rate. It will start in mid 2019, just like Polestar 1 in the market. And while the Polestar 1 coupe will be a small volume car, Polestar estimates around 60,000 annual sales for 2, worldwide. In an interview with Volvo Roadshow headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, Ingenlath Thomas, CEO of Polestar, confirmed that two will be built on an electric version of the new modular compact architecture (MAC) for Volvo. This is the platform behind the company’s new XC40 crossover. We can not tell you exactly what it looks like, but let’s say it’s no coincidence that we illustrate this story with pictures of Volvo Concept 40.2 of 2016.

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