Honda Odyssey 2020 Camouflage

Honda Odyssey 2020 Mpg Photo

Well, you convince Honda to build a Honda Odyssey Type R. Is it crazy? Sure. But are you going to tell me that you would have an Honda Odyssey 2020 Type R to drive a Chrysler Pacifica, a Toyota Sienna, a Kia Sedona or a Mercedes Metris? I doubt it, and you know why? Because this thing is intense in all good manners. You get all the Type R goodies, including things like the Championship White paint, the wheels and the Type R body kit, and even the classic red R-type accents inside. But, what will feed a beast like that? Well, we’ll discuss it a little bit.

2020 Honda Odyssey Release Date Photo

Outside of 2020 Honda Odyssey

Of course, the Type R Odyssey must be distinguished by the same style as the Civic Type R, and we have everything we need. We have the bright black grille on the front, the red Honda emblem, the R-type emblem and the large air vents in the corners that also serve as a focal point for the big fog lights because it’s always a family car, is not it? To round the front end, we threw a scoop on the hood and the spoiler at the front, with the red stripe. Moving on the sides, we replaced the standard mirrors for the shiny black units to go with the window trim. The fender vent is another great touch that really stands out above these Type R wheels. New side skirts with a red stripe and black door handles complete the outer package. Back, it’s really interesting. You see, we managed to change the spoiler of the Civic Type R so that it can climb on the rear hatch, and it seems rather nasty. The rear fascia receives a diffuser element that surrounds the edges to attach the sides to the rear together and a triple-creep exhaust outlet of the R-type music at takeoff. Finally, we have darkened all the rear windows and the sunroof to give it the midnight look, which seems to be very good against this Champion White finish. And, do not forget the red stirrups at the bottom, you must have red stirrups!

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Honda Odyssey Interior 2020

Inside, you know that Honda combines the perfect balance between family functionality and R-style comfort. The first things to change are the front seats, the dashboard and the infotainment screen. All three of the Civic Type R carry right away, with some minor changes to the dashboard to support the various electronics. A new center console is set up to allow the six-speed shifting that’s right, it’s not a R-type without six gears. The dashboard is adorned with black leather and red piping, while the R-type steering wheel gets the traditional red emblem to go with the red inserts in the lower half. Aluminum pedals are added to the floor yes all three and R-type racing seats replace the standard seats in the front. Thanks to Honda’s engineering genius, all this family-friendly functionality continues, including the rear cabin monitor, rear view camera and DVD player. Type R floor mats complete the front of the cab.

Honda Odyssey 2020  Exhaust Image

Honda Odyssey 2020 Engine

Of course, this is a different configuration, so it does not get the hybrid AWD system, but a simple adapter plate allows this six-speed trans to lock, and with the right modification from the chassis, the engine can be positioned far enough to one side so that it can fit under the cap – it’s just a very tight fit. But, hey, it’s good when you have a 445 horsepower odyssey, do not you? Finally, the dual air intakes have been repositioned to draw air directly from the vents in the corners of the front dashboard for a true CAI system. The end result is a minivan that can do the 60 mph sprint in 4.1 seconds, while the top speed is at a speed of 186 mph.

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As you know, this R badge has a price, and we’re not talking about some extra bones here either. The standard range model. The “Elite” commands $ 46,670, so you can expect the Odyssey Type R to cost you at least $ 56,000, but

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