Hyundai I30 2019 Performance Upgrade

Hyundai’s new N Division is ready to follow the new Hyundai I30 2019 N hot hatch with the hot version of the thinner Fastback i30 and we’ve seen it get ready for launch. Bos performance division, former BMW M Division Head Albert Biermann, had previously told us that the various Hyundai N vehicles are imminent and we expect the new N30 and Velo N standard that was recently launched to be followed by Fastback i30 N then an i20 N that will rival the new Ford Fiesta ST.

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It’s no secret that the Korean manufacturer wants to expand its N range, and the four-door coupe version of the i30 looks like the next candidate. While vehicle development is still disguised, we can see the Fastback will maintain the overall appearance and shape of the standard car is currently being supplied in Europe with the addition of clear performance like aggressive bumpers, wheels and bigger brakes, and two exhaust pipes to stick the grease to the back.

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Back at the i30N, Hyundai also provided clues to the prospect of a four-wheel drive layout to turn the first N model into a fully feasible enemy for Volkswagen Golf R, Ford Focus RS and Audi. S3 Sportback. All-leg version can also come with a boost of power on the 271-hp N Performance i30 if we trust the statements made by the boss N Albert Biermann returned in July 2017. In an interview with Top Gear magazine, the man in charge of the N says: Without high power, no need to go to a full transmission.

Hyundai I30 2019 will be on sale in Europe in 2019. Unfortunately, as is the case with the i30 N, it is not expected to bring the i30 N Fastback. The good news is that we have a viable alternative to both cars in the form of Veloster N. 275-hp Plus in Germany, the i30 N starts at € 29,700, with a performance specification detail at € 32,200. Volkswagen Golf GTI and Honda Civic Type R are more expensive in the entry-level taste, each coming at € 30,425 and € 36,490.

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