Toyota Rush 2018 Exterior, Specs and Price

The Toyota Rush 2018 is a modern cross-over that can change the market. This is because it is a stylish car with a variety of outstanding features. Among the main points of sale of this vehicle is an existing front ligament that actually has well established functions. Your car has in fact been developed in such a way that citizens take pleasure in a variety of modern options and stop completely for this reason, taking the vehicle as much as possible. The engine has new functions that do not make it more efficient, but also ensures that the energy consumption is considerably lowered.

Toyota Rush 2018 2018 toyota rush interior new car and price

Toyota Rush 2018 Outside

The front lights of this Toyota Rush 2018 are LED, which means they consume less energy than the old traditional lights. The headlights are able to provide better vision for the driver even if it is fogging. The rear of this car is fixed with a rejuvenated lighting that is very stylish. The vehicle’s rims improve the overall beauty of the car and are also very important to improve its handling skills.

The grid of this car is a little smaller compared to the previous versions. The front lights are rounded and cause changes to the front shock absorber. There has not been much information that has been published regarding the exterior that will be delivered when the vehicle will be officially presented by the manufacturing company.

Toyota Rush 2018 2018 toyota rush photo new car and price

Toyota Rush 2018 Inside

The interior of this model will be a little bigger compared to the previous SUV of the same Toyota company. The dashboard was also increased by a few inches to provide the driver with more access when using the steering wheel. The center console of the vehicle will always be in the same position as in other versions of previous vehicle versions along with some other features. There is the inclusion of a number of wireless technology systems such as the automated phone that will allow the driver to make calls comfortably without losing focus at any point.

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The dashboard is also turned on, making driving at night better as it is more convenient to access functions on the dashboard. Safety measures include automated airbags and protective straps.

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Toyota Rush 2018 Engine

The new choice of the 2018 Rush engine will be created on a 1.5 liter DOHC WT-i configuration. In addition, the Toyota Rush 2018 will stick to the 5-speed manual transmission, but it will not be limited to this one. As automatic gears are requested, it will also be possible for customers to choose an automated transmission with 4 speeds. In terms of fuel consumption, it will be extremely efficient and economical because its engine provides 107 HP at about 6000 rpm and its electric power choices are 109 lbs.

Price and Release Date

The release date of the 2018 Toyota Rush has not been specified but will be in early 2018. The price of the 2018 forward rush will range from approximately $ 25,000 to $ 38,000.

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